A positive and active Cyber Security Culture translates into less exposure to cyber related risks that lead to lower costs due to both the lower frequency of cyber-related loss-incidents and the severity of those incidents for the organisation.

Positive staff culture regarding Cyber and Information security not only saves money, but also time, as a lot of time is spent by management and staff on fixing systems, re-doing work, managing customer relationships and trying to understand the behaviour that contributed to the cyber incident.

Creating a Cyber Security Culture

Secure browsing
Physical security
Secure email practices
Malware & APTs

Mobile devices, apps & social networks

Customised training for your organisation presented by a cyber professional

Experience taught us that cyber awareness training needs real people talking about relevant topics affecting the organisation and it's environment. For this reason, we kick-off the training with short focused training sessions covering topics selected based on the companies policies, threat environment, and past experiences. 
Topics covered include: 
 Passwords & authentication
Cybercriminals & unauthorized access
Social engineering & Phishing
Ransomware, fakeware, scareware & SPAM

Organization Policies & SA Regulations

After the initial training sessions, staff must complete online Evaluations. Online evaluations are followed by targeted training modules that focus on specific sections that are not on par. Training is delivered via a dedicated e-learning platform and progress are tracked and communicated.
Instant, detailed reports of cyber security awareness levels to identify company-wide problems as well as pinpoint areas of concern. Tracking the progress of individual members continuously is vital to ensure awareness culture is growing stronger.

Online Training, Assesments & Reporting

Content is developed and continuously updated by experts in Cyber Security from industry, research institutions, and academia. They also form part of the facilitation process to ensure the high quality of training modules are maintained and the training are dynamic and relevant.
The Cyber Security Institute strives to grow cyber security skills and knowledge by presenting training courses, development of tools, and provision of services to various entities in Africa. The courses are developed in-house by specialists from industry and academia, based on worldwide acknowledged frameworks, standards and Industry accepted best practice, and presented via contact sessions, e-learning or micro-learning platforms.

Our Expertise

What we offer

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Cyber Security threats are increasing on a daily basis and the human firewall of employees is one of the major countermeasures to stem the tide. Ensure all employees are actively taking part in protecting your business information, networks, data, and systems.

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